Effect of Alcoholic Extract of Caroob Fruits Ceratonia siliquaon The Physiological and Histological Characteristic of Ovaries of Swiss Rat Ratus ratis


This experiment was designed to evaluate the effect of alcoholic extract ofcaroob Fruits Ceratonia siliqua on the histological features of female Swiss rat ovaries. The results were showed that high concentration( 300 mg/kg) of alcoholic extract improved the characteristics of ovaries by increasing volumes and numbers of growing follicles primordial, primary and secondary follicles.In addition there were increasing in numbers and volumes of corpus luteum and there were increasing in ovaries weights. Other experimental animals group were treated by lower concentration of ofcaroob FruitsCeratoniasiliqua(100 mg/kg) and microscopically section showed that the ovary cortex contained less numbers of growing follicles and corpus luteum.