Palestinian Resistance in Children's Poetry The approach of the characters and their functions in the texts of resistance to the Syrian poet Suleiman Al-Issa


In the last century, resistant literature is a significant feature of Arab literature. The writers and poets throughout the Arab world have been defending the dignity, history and attitudes of the Arab people. The occupied Palestinian cause has occupied and defended most of the product of poets. Most Arab poets reacted to this humanitarian issue and recorded the noblest and finest concepts. Among these poets is Nuri Suleiman al-Issa, the Syrian poet of children, who deals with this important aspect of his poetry and has focused on the characters and their functions because of the intense energies in conveying the idea to the recipient of the child.Among the many trends in literary criticism, the narrative trend is one of the new types that explore the hidden corners of the text, poetry or prose, in terms of characters and their relationship to other elements of the story as a reader and the formation of different dialogues with the point of view and so on. In this study, we examine the poetry of the poet Suleiman Al-Issa. We choose two poems from his collection "I and Jerusalem" as a model, and we seek to give a new vision in the study of resistant child poetry.