Assessment and Optimization for Urban Planning Projects


After increasing the wheel of progress obviously in recent years in all areas, especially in urban planning projects. This led to the increasing need for a scientific and developing method to organize data processing by choosing the optimized master plan for cities. So, the importance of the process of selecting the optimized master plan of economic, environmental and social because of the indirect contact with the people, so the need arises to seek for the best methods that assist in the evaluation and selection of urban planning projects and decision-making by selecting the optimized master plan. One of the methods is the Fuzzy AHP and Fuzzy TOPSIS. This research concentrates on Fuzzy TOPSIS technique which helps to make the best decisions through choosing the optimized master plan for cities. This research aims to evaluate the alternatives to master plan of cities and select the best ones. To achieve the objectives of the research, the data collected from the literature reviews that dealt with themes of urban planning and Fuzzy TOPSIS technique as well as the personal interviews with specialists. The results showed through the data analysis of the sample that the third alternative (Muqdadiyah urban and agricultural center) has received the largest relative importance compared to other alternatives. In the end, a set of conclusions and recommendations were drawn such as the absence of an administrative system capable of evaluating and selecting the optimized master plan with less time and cost. It was found through using the technical research that time and cost of the evaluation and selection obviously significantly were reduced among the alternatives.Corrosion inhibition of low carbon steel, stainless steel types 316 and 304 in hydrochloric acid by potassium iodide was investigated at different temperatures using weight loss and polarization electrochemical techniques