Flexural Behavior of High Strength Concrete Incorporated Super Absorbent Polymer (SAP)


This research include the study of flexural behavior of reinforced concrete beams with and without addition of super absorbent polymer (SAP) to concrete, two groups of concrete mixture were used; each one have five concrete mixture (Reactive Powder Concrete RPC, Modified Reactive Powder Concrete, Self Compact Concrete SCC, High Strength Concrete HSC and Normal Strength Concrete NSC) four of them with high compressive strength and the last one with normal compressive strength. Group A casting concrete without addition of SAP, group B casting concrete with addition of SAP. Ten beams are molded of (200*300*1700) mm dimension with same steel reinforcement. Flexural tested for all beams was doing and load-deflection relationships of beams with and without SAP were established. Test results had shown that beams casting with addition of SAP (group B) proved to have larger load carrying capacity and llower deflection compared with group A.