Behavior of Cantilever Beams in R.C. Frames with Effect of Steel Fibers in Beam – Column Joint


This paper aims at investigating the behavior of cantilever beam in reinforced concrete frame modified by steel fibers. The study depends on adding steel fibers at the joint of beam column section to improves the ductility of the beam – column joint. Steel fibers of ratio (0.5%) and (1%) steel fibers by volume added for two specimens comparing with two others cast without steel fibers joint in R.C. frame. The cantilever frame behavior at applied load will be discussed in this study. The load applied to the frame at the edge of cantilever arms. The test results showed that the difference between the monolithic frame is larger in ultimate loads compared with non-monolithic, and the frame with 1% steel fibers have large load capacity compared with 0.5% steel fibers frame. The frame which cast monolithically shows highest resistance among the three other frames in ultimate load and flexural deformation, after load was applied to the four specimens the behavior of the frame up to the failure occurred in the beam-column joint at exterior face of the cantilever. beside studying the effect of steel fibers percentage and behavior of beam column joint, this study focuses also on investigating the difference between monolithic and non-monolithic concrete elements.