Cryotherapy for The Treatment of Acne Keloidalis (A Clinical Interventional Therapeutic Trial)


ABSTRACT:BACKGROUND: Acne keloidalis is a condition characterized by follicular-based papules and pustules that form hypertrophic or keloid-like scars. It typically occurs on the occipital scalp and posterior neck and develops almost exclusively in young people with dark skin Unlike true acne vulgaris, comedones are not seen . The condition has a great psychosocial impact.The exact etiology of AK is unclear. It is thought that chronic irritation from coarse, curly hairs in the skin leads to inflammation and development of these lesions. It has also been shown that men who have haircuts more frequently than once a month are at higher risk of developing acne keloidalis.OBJECTIVE: To assess the efficacy of liquid nitrogen cryotherapy for the treatment of acne keloidalis.PATIENTS AND METHODS:It is a clinical interventional therapeutic study done in the period from Jan 2010 till Dec 2012 in Al-Noor Hospital/ Alain City UAETwenty male patients with acne keloidalis were treated through several sessions of cryotherapy. Their ages ranged between 23 and 34 years with a mean of 28.2year +/- SD=3.93.Patients were divided into three groups: mild, moderate, and severe.RESULTS:Group one (mild, every patient has less than10 nodules): total no. of nodules was reduced from75 to 26 .t-test was done for this group with a p value=0.0000026. Group two (moderate, every patient has between 10 and 20 nodules): total no. of nodules was reduced from 86 to 34 with a p value = 0.00011.Group three (severe, every patient has more than 20 nodules) : total no. of nodules was reduced from 59 to 38 with a p value =0.015.Patients satisfaction was also done and 15 patients (75%) were satisfied.CONCLUSION: Cryotherapy was a good therapeutic option with mild side effects and acceptable patient satisfaction. .