Influence of non-alcoholic malt beverages on urinary excretions of calcium and uric acid


Background and objective: Malt beverage without alcohol (Barbican) is an energy beverage which is regularly consumed by Muslim countries and substantial quantities are exported to the Gulf States and Middle East countries. Barbican is used widely by people whom alcohol is forbidden either on medical grounds or on religious aspects. The aim of this study was to assess the effect of short-term drinking of Barbican on urinary excretion of calcium and uric acid in normal young males in Erbil city.Methods: Thirty healthy male volunteer subjects of 21-23 years age consumed 330 ml of Barbican® beverage per day for two successive days after cross design. The urinary calcium and urinary uric acid were evaluated before and after consumption. Results: There was no statistically significant increase in urinary uric acid before and after consumption of Barbican beverage (P = 0.071). Urinary calcium significantly decreased after consumption of Barbican drink (P = 0.037).Conclusion: Although many extrinsic and intrinsic factors influence formation of kidney stones and bone resorption, this study suggests that drinking of Barbican beverage may be helpful to prevent bone resorption and also to reduce risk of stone formation.