The Form of Hands in Prayer


Praise be to Allah, Lord of the Worlds, and peace and blessings be upon His faithful messenger and his family and companions.As for the praise of God, who made us the nation of the Prophet Muhammad (هذه) This nation and the late witness to the previous of the nations, which singled it by the law collected all the previous laws to be valid for every time and place.     Because prayer is the mainstay of the religion and in order to know the correct body contained him () for the hands to move away from the Muslim who seeks the right from the bodies that did not see it () and take what was stated by Mustafa () I chose this topic (the body of hands in prayer) to be the course of my research This year and for many issues and the requirement of scientific journals to be no more than 25 pages divided it into two parts (the body of the hands in prayer from the takbeer of ihraam to bowing) and the second (the body of the hands in prayer from bowing to peace)     I studied the issues of doctrinal study compared with Islamic doctrines, which are after the four doctrines Imamate doctrine and Zaidi doctrine and doctrine virtual.After the presentation of the issues and the graduation of the Hadiths contained in the research I have tipped what I found most likely the correctness of his guide and the power of significance to be intended.