The Jurisprudence of Abee Saeed Alanbary


Praise be to Allaah, who sent Muhammad  to all people, and made him the master of the messengers and the seal of the prophets, and made his nation the best of the nation. Until the grace was complete and religion and God's argument proved to the worlds and after:Allah has prepared the Islamic nation for men who believe what they have pledged to Allah, they are the best of the centuries who proved their justice by praising Allah Almighty and praising the Messenger of Allah. What was not in the companions  all, they are the best of the centuries after the century of the Prophet  ح and the companions honorable as the Prophet said  خير (Khairkm horny and then those who color them and then those who color them (1) The visual amber, and since the science of these was not recorded as others, but remained Mabthoth in books of jurisprudence and others and to pave the way and benefit from their knowledge, I went to collect Fiqh Abu Saeed al-Anbari in worship - Department of Purity - to be the subject of research to show his knowledge and jurisprudence. The first requirement: some of his disciples, and in the second section, the jurisprudence in the worship - the purity section in five issues, the first issue: the rule of water if mixed with impurity, the second: The use of handkerchief in ablution, the third issue Issue 4: More menstrual period, Issue 5: Ablution on Istihaadah. Then concluded the research with a conclusion Ask God has shown the most important findings and then I list the sources from which I obtained this research, and this is the end of my effort And I offer to the students, and all incapacity and shortening and ask God to make my intention purely to his face Almighty, as from him success and grace done good deeds and blessings and blessings on the best creation of Muhammad and his family and companions