The Role of Social Discourse in the Prophet's Age in Boosting the Culture of Moderation among Members of Society


Societies nowadays suffer many social crises like extremism, sectarianism, antagonism, corruption, exaggeration, Youth's cares, disrespect to parents, and many others. This paper seeks to find solutions to these problems from the great heritage of Prophet Mohammad (Allah's peace & prayer be upon him).The paper aims to boost the values of moderation among the members of society by presenting samples of the speeches and commandments of Prophet Mohammad on social concerns and their practical applications.The researcher collected the relevant Prophet's sayings, speeches, and commandments to analyze their impact on the members of society like what the Prophet imperative not to harm neighbors and other texts.The paper seeks to enhance the unity and familiarity among the members on society and neighbors and abandon enmity and antagonism. The paper asks for a close adherence to Prophet Mohammad's tradition because it is the heal and solution to all problems. The findings of the paper can be used to promote the spirit of peace and to save society from the woes of sectarianism and antagonism. The findings of the paper are solely concerned with achieving the aim of boosting the values of moderation among the members of the society. The paper recommends the formation of a committee of university staff members, divided into subcommittees in each province of the country to achieve the following goals:•Reconciliation of people in antagonism and enmity by convincing them to embrace forgiveness and conduct many meetings to achieve this end.•Convincing rich people to help in the marriage of poor young people in order to fortify the youth of the nation.•Conducting seminars and meetings on campus and on the media to educate people and promote the spirit of forgiveness and abandom violence and sectarianism.•Openness to all social classes and identifying the problems between partents and sons and between neighbors in order to convince them to follow the Prophet's advices and sayings as a model to be imitated and to promote the spirit of love.