The Effect of Glass and Carbon Fibers and Powders Addition on the Sliding Wear Behavior of Unsaturated Polyester Resin


The current investigation is interested in studying the wear phenomenon for unsaturated polyester resin reinforced by a different weight fraction of glass and carbon fibers and powders. The prepared specimens were tested according to standard (ASTM-D5963) using a dvice pin-on-disk, at room temperature. The influence of wear parameter like, applied load, sliding speed on the wear rates were investigated. It was observed that the carbon and two types of glass fibers composite shows lower wear rates than the carbon and glass powders composites, under varying the loads and sliding speeds. In the case of sliding speed increased the results show that the increased of the weight fractions of carbon and glass powders will decrease the wear rates of composites prepared from this powders, while in the case of loading increase the wear rates increased when the weight fraction increased up to (4.16 Wt.%) for both carbon and glass powders.