Correlations between Wind Power Density and Different Meteorological Parameters in Nineveh Governorate


The aim of this paper is to estimate the mean monthly values of wind power density in four meteorological stations in Nineveh Governorate (Mosul, Rabea, Talafar, Sinjar) for the period (1980 – 2010) using different meteorological parameters. Five different models (Linear, Quadratic, Logarithmic, Linear Logarithmic, power) were used to estimate the wind power density. The performance of this regression models were evaluated. Several statistical test were used to control the validation and goodness of the regression models in terms of (R, R2, MAE, RMSE). Linear model gave the best fit for the relation between WPD and (P, n, H, C) in all stations. Quadratic model and Linear model gave the best fit between WPD and (Rad. RH, T) in all stations. Logarithmic model give the best fit between WPD and Rad in Mosul station