Synthesized pure cobalt oxide nanostructure and doped with yttrium by hydrothermal method for photodetector applications


In this study, pure Co3O4 nano structure and doping with 4 %, and 6 % of Yttrium is successfully synthesized by hydrothermal method. The XRD examination, optical, electrical and photo sensing properties have been studied for pure and doped Co3O4 thin films. The X-ray diffraction (XRD) analysis shows that all films are polycrystalline in nature, having cubic structure. The optical properties indication that the optical energy gap follows allowed direct electronic transition calculated using Tauc equation and it increases for doped Co3O4. The photo sensing properties of thin films are studied as a function of time at different wavelengths to find the sensitivity for these lights. High photo sensitivity doped Co3O4 with 6% of Yttrium, is a 118.774% at wavelength 620 nm, while for pure Co3O4 films no sensitivity at the same wavelength. So, higher sensitivity is found for doping Co3O4 with fast rise and fall times less than 1s.