The Widespread of Irregular Grammar Rules


The fact that the scholars in Arabic sciences are all found to be judgments issued by grammarians anomalies on some issues and uses, and the fact that these judgments are issued by those referred to Lebanon from our scholars popularized among the students of the grammatical abnormalities of many uses that were found mostly contrary to what was reported, and in order to verify Some of these judgments I saw that I stand on some of those provisions to be a model for those who want to expand, and to be research issues that were determined after trusting God Almighty to do, the issues that I have chosen to be called research: (which abnormal abnormality when grammar, study and prove) , And made the study as such to be The research is based on verifying the validity of the judgment of abnormal judgment on some issues and uses, and because my need at the present time for research for promotion did not address the issues that were all abnormal, so I chose some of them to be examples of what was abnormal, Then she looked at what he knew of the abnormality to delete the preposition in the transgression of some acts by itself, towards (Astaghfir Allah sin), and then stood at the Arab proverb that rules some grammar His oddity is the saying of some Arabs
(may Ghuwair Abosa), and stood on Nad Conscience, which knew the abnormality of many grammarians, and what was standing at him: the promises of conscience on the late in terms and rank, which is what made the abnormality of scholars at the grammarians also, and the last issue that stood (separation between the neighbor and the sewer) as a matter common to many grammarians The method of research was to present the opinion of those who say anomaly what I stand at, and then show what is contrary to that view, if any, which seemed to me that many, as there was no agreement on many or often what is commonplace abnormalities at the grammar, because it proved that this Which counted abnormal were the uses of the Arab know and composed in his language, and concluded the research by mentioning what I found in this search of the results opaque Da on sources and grammatical and linguistic books helped me a lot to verify it I hope that I have been successful in my research this