Dual effects of aspirin and Garcinia Cambogia on human blood viscosity


Background and objective: Prevention of bacterial adhesion is an attractive target for the development of new therapies in the prevention of bacterial infection. The aim of this study is to investigate the effects of pomegranate peel extract, vitamin C, combination of pomegranate peel extract and vitamin C & gemifloxacin on adhesion of E.coli to uroepithelial cells. Methods: This study was conducted in the Department of Pharmacology, college of Medicine, AL-Mustansirya University in 2009. Twenty patients with peripheral vascular diseases enrolled in this study. Those patients randomly allocated equally into two groups; group (A) received aspirin oral tablets 300 mg/day and group (B) received aspirin oral tablets 300 mg/day plus Garcinia cambogia oral tablets 500mg/day. The duration of therapy was two weeks. In this study, measurements were done for total blood viscosity, packed cell volume, serum fibrinogen, and serum cholesterol, before treatment as control and after one and two weeks of treatment.Results: After 2 weeks treatment with aspirin there was significant reduction in plasma fibrinogen (p < 0.05). Combined aspirin and Garcinia Cambogica treatment for 2 weeks produce significant reduction in all blood viscosity parameters (p<0.05) except the packed cell volume which was not affected (p >0.05).Conclusion: Aspirin and Garcinia cambogia produced significant and better effects than aspirin alone on blood viscosity.