The Grammatical Crippling Phenominon


And after:Grammar lesson is abundant sea of ​​many phenomena, and we have a linguistic phenomenon we found resonance in grammatical studies, namely: (phenomenon of contradiction), which is based on the meaning, and the role plays a prominent role, and we feel that it deserves research and study, because the study of this phenomenon and the like enable us to know how The Arabs dealt with their language and lagging around it. It also demonstrates the capacity of the Arabic language and its flexibility and other things that caused the emergence of contradictions in the language and other linguistic phenomena. And Ibn Jni says: (The reason for these loads and additions and appendages are many; this language and its capacity and the predominance of the need for its people to act in the rooftop during them; that is, the disposition in its areas and presence of what they wear and they frequently use speech, poetry, speeches, speeches and the power of their sense of everything And imagine what hardly felt by those who did not violate their doctrine).Accordingly, this phenomenon of the breadth of language, and the colors of its coverage, if the inclusion, and load on the meaning, and the problem, and derivation, and participation, and contradiction, and tandem ... represent the types of briefing and diversity in the Arab style, the contradiction is one of these; Flips speech on several faces, and on each face is right in the address, provided that he has a bond of hearing, and one of the faces of the correct guidance.Al-Zamakhshari (d. 538 e) was the first to declare the term "contradiction", and his words were scattered by evidence, and then the term of contradiction was mentioned by grammarians and scholars.