Optimal Fuzzy-Immune Fractional PID Control Scheme for Path Tracking of Robot manipulator


This paper explains a new control structure based on theartificial immune system, Fuzzy and fractional order PIDcontrol schemes. In this paper immune feedback controlsystem, Fuzzy logic and fractional order control schemes will becombined and optimized using clonal selection algorithm.Fuzzy-immune fractional order PID Control schemes will beused as a new controller for path tracking of the robotmanipulator. The performance of the proposed control schemeis compared with fuzzy-immune PID control schemes. Theparameters of fractional PID and conventional PID controllersare optimized using Clonal Selection Algorithm (CSA).Simulation results state that optimal Fuzzy-immune fractionalPID is better than optimal fuzzy-immune PID Control schemesfor path tracking problem under the same condition. All controlschemes were tested using SIMULINK under MATLAB2014a