Designing a set of tests and standardizing them for some of Third compound basic skills in football for advanced players


The first section of the introduction contains a brief summary of the importance of testing and measurement in football as a scientific method that accurately reflects the content of measurement phenomenon. In addition to the role of basic skills in enabling the player to deal with the different circumstances of the game.In the second part, the researcher dealt with the test and measurement, test Purposes, types of tests and basic skills in football (scoring, passing, trapping, dribbling, heading). In the third section, the research method was adopted, which was the descriptive method in the survey style. The sample of the research was chosen by the deliberate method of (140) players of the clubs of the Iraqi Premier League in Baghdad for the 2016/2017 football season, in addition to determining the variables and approving the tests, The tools used and the statistical treatments needed to find the results of the research, which was extracted and presented in the fourth section through a set of tables discussed scientific discussion in order to reach a set of conclusions and recommendations formed the fifth section.