Calculation of Charge Density, Charge Radii and Form Factor for some Exotic Calcium Isotopes Using OXBASH Code


This work is concerned to give information of shell model calculations, limited to fp-shell with an accuracy and applicability in the work. The form factors have been calculated for J+=0+,2+,4+,6+,8+ for each nuclei depending on charge density q≤3 fm-1 using the harmonic oscillator potential based on GX1A effective interaction with ep=1.16e and en=0.7e. For charge density, the differences between proton and neutron densities increased with neutron increase while neutron radius increased as neutron number increase as an extension of neutron densities outwards on the nuclear surface (3< r <6 fm) while a slight increase appears in interior region (r < 3 fm). The values of charge radii are obtained from the rms charge radii. The value of ( ) starts with an increase from (52Ca-0.313) to reach its highest value at (58Ca-0.397) because there is no size of the energy gap between the shell in isotopes (54, 56 and 58) while orbital is specified in 52Ca doubly-magic nucleus. The results are corresponding to the experimental results of an increase in radius