Numerical Investigation on the Thermal Performance of Double Pipe Heat Exchanger Using Different Shapes of Fins


In this study, a numerical investigation on the thermo-hydraulic performance of thedouble pipe heat exchanger into heat transfer by different shapes of fins on the outersurface for the inner tube as extended surfaces. The inner and outer diameters of theinner pipe were (16.05 mm), (19.05 mm) respectively, and (34.1 mm), (38.1 mm) for theouter tube. The length of the heat exchanger was (1000 mm). Hot and cold water wereused as the working fluid, where the hot water flows inside of the inner one in counterflow with the cold water which flows in the annulus. The inlet temperature for the hotwater is (75 OC) while it is (30 OC) for the cold. The hot fluid flows at constant ratewhich is (0.1kg/s) while the cold is varied from (0.1 kg/s to 0.2 kg/s).The study wasperform using the known commercial CFD package (ANSYS – FLUNET 15) .Theresults shows that both (rectangular and triangular) fins enhances the heat transfercoefficient compare with the conventional plain tube .The rectangular fins presents anheat transfer enhancement ratio of (61% to 74%). Using of extended surfaces present agood result in saving energy by enhancing the performance of the double pipe heatexchangers used in petroleum industry.