History of Sabean Mandaean History


An examination of the History of religious minorities in its theoretical and practical framework is described as a difficult and tiring subject to the divergence of scientific opinions in that a detailed study of the subject to reveal the History of Sabean Mandaeans, which is the most important and most mysterious part in the History of other religions of the thematic area with the rest of the minorities. Their long history of belief for thousands of Years.Their presence in the South of Iraq as it extends to thousands of Years in those Areas, despite the difficult circumstances that passed for centuries, did not prevent them from having a weight in Iraqi society, as their Children proved worthy that they are the People to be the handful of intellectuals who emerged in The Mandaean issue did not receive the attention of the researchers, despite its importance in understanding the intellectual development that took place in the Arab region for centuries, and its active role in the societies in general. The issues that were raised are no more than general treatments. Do not provide accurate answers to many of the questions , In their origins and beliefs and