Prevalence of Osteoarthritis of Weight Bearing Joints in Relation to Body Weight in Both Genders


Background and Objective: Obesity is an important and increasing public health problem, being a risk factor for overall mortality and major chronic disease. To determine relationship between different measures of body mass index and incidence of hip and knee osteoarthritis in male and female.Methods: Comparison of prevalence of primary osteoarthritis of knee and hip. Between age and sex matched control from out patient clinic of Erbil and Rizgary teaching hospital over period of eleven months starting on Jan 2007.this constituted one hundred and eighty five subjects of normal body `mass index. And one hundred and sixty subjects with high body mass index. Subjects fulfilling our inclusion criteria under went clinical evaluation and radiology of their knee and hip joints, we assessed by chi-squared test, differences in frequency of osteoarthritis between those with normal body mass index and those with high body mass index and between male and female.Results: Obesity was a stronger predictor of osteoarthritis of knee joint with no sex and age difference. In the prevalence of osteoarthritis of hip joint. No link between obesity and hip osteoarthritis was found in this study.