Impact of fiber nonlinearity on the Performance of Mode Division Multiplexing systems


in this paper, an analytical model is developed to estimate anonlinear phase noise (NPN) due to Kerr fiber nonlinearity and its interactionwith amplifier noise in mode division multiplexing (MDM) systems. Ouranalysis uses generalized coupled multimode nonlinear Schrödinger equations(MM- NLSE) that describe the propagation of the mode superimposing in theoptical fiber. The nonlinear phase noise versus channel power and transmissiondistance is evaluated by implementing our analytical model for LP01, LP11a,and LP11b spatial modes. Each mode carries a 4-QAM signal at a symbol rateof 20 Gsymbol/s. The results reveal that LP11 mode has a lower phase noisevariance than LP01 mode over entire transmission distances. Finally, the errorvector magnitude (EVM) versus channel power is quantified using an analyticalmodel.