Performance of Solar Module withPresence of Two Types of Reflectors in Concentrator System


Any work to improve the performance of the solar modules could add to theireconomic competitiveness against fossil fuels. In the present work the performance of PVsolar module was improved by using V-Trough concentrator system (CPV) which movedby two axis tracking system. The concentrator consists of two flat reflectors of area 2 m2for each one with geometric concentration ratio of 2X. To optimize the performance of theV-Trough CPV systems, two types of reflector material, Aluminum and mirror (glass coatedby silver nitrate) were used. The results indicated that the temperature of PV referencemodule was higher than the ambient temperature by 27oC but there is too small differencein temperature between the tracking PV module with the reference which ranged to 2oC,while the temperature of the CPV system was higher than reference by 37oC. Thetemperature of the PV module under mirror reflectors was lower than module combinedwith Aluminum reflectors by 3oC. As a result of arising of the temperature of CPV systemin compare with PV reference module, the open circuit voltage was droop by 0.7 V, 0.5 Vfor PV module under mirror and Aluminum reflectors respectively. The reflectorsincreased the short circuit current values by 2.1 A, 2.6 A for PV module combined withmirror and Aluminum reflectors respectively. Accordingly the performance (as an averagedaily gain of output power) of the PV solar module was improved by using V-Trough CPVsystem, 44%, 34% by using Aluminum and mirror reflectors respectively.