Static analysis of two-directional functionally graded cylindrical panels under the effect of symmetric loads using finite element method (FEM)


This paper offers the linear analysis of the static behavior of two directional functionally graded(2D-FG) cylindrical panels under the effect of internal symmetric loads. The mechanicalproperties of the cylindrical panel are given to be changed simultaneously through the thicknessand longitudinal directions as a function to the volume fraction of the constituents by a simplepower-law distribution. Based on Sander’s first order shear deformation shell theory (FSDT), theequations of motion for (2D-FG) panels are derived using the principle of minimum totalpotential energy (MPE). The finite element method (FEM) as an effective numerical tool isutilized to solve the equations of motion. The model has been compared with those available inthe literature and it observed good correspondence. The influences of the material variationalong the thickness and longitudinal directions, geometrical parameters, boundary conditionsand load parameters on the panel deformation are studied in detail.