Towards Generating a New Strong key for AES Encryption Method Depending on 2D Henon Map


In recent years, chaos-based encryption approaches introduced numerous advantages over the classic approaches like the extensive levels of security, complexity and speed. In this research, a safer algorithm is designed to generate keys using chaos theory and a new primitive table and primitive initial key and less time processing. This resulting key was used in AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) algorithm. First, perform many operations based on digits produced from chaos equations to produce 2048 bits. Second, this primitive initial key takes results from chaos theory to produce 64 symbols (512 bits) that obtains suitable key for randomness and complexity and apply primitive table on the result come from initial key to produce another 512 bits and worked XOR operation between the result of initial key and primitive table to produce another 512 bits and merge the results of this steps to get key of 3584 bits. The results of the experimentations indicated that the suggested method for key generation has the advantage of large key space with a safety protection against the brute force attacks. Thus, the results showed a high level of security for encryption on the basis of strong secret key features