Flexural Behavior of Reinforced Concrete One-Way Slabs with Different Ratios of Lightweight Coarse Aggregate


The aim of the present research includes an experimental investigation of flexural behavior of lightweight reinforced concrete one-way slabs with different ratios of course aggregate. Nine lightweight reinforced concrete one- way slabs incorporated by two types of lightweight course aggregate were tested in theseinvestigation. Also the mechanical properties and workability test for concrete used in the study. There was chosen eight concrete mixes were casted by replacing the normal coarse aggregate by lightweight course aggregate; claystone (bonza) and thermostone. Different percentage of aggregate replaced were done (25, 50, 75 and100) %, in addition to the reference mix of (0%) replacement ratio was casted. For each concrete mix: Three cylinders for compressive strength and density of saturated and dry surface concrete tests, three cylinders for splitting tensile strength test and three prisms for modulus of rupture test were prepared. Also for each mix was casted, prepare a one slab specimen for bending moment test for all mixes contain a light coarse aggregate and reference mix. The main results of mechanical properties are ((38.44-12.38), (3.969-2.172) and (10.467-3.194)) MPa, for compressive, splitting and flexural strength respectively with differences of (67.79, 45.12 and 69.48) % respectively compared with the reference mix. Also the flexural capacities of the lightweight concrete slabs that contained a different ratios of light coarse aggregate (0.028 and 0.026) MPa were recorded with (22.5 and 28.62) % compared with reference sample of 0.035 MPa.