The Fishermen's Awareness of the Obstacles to the Sustainable Development for Lake Mariout in Alexandria Governorate


This research aimed to identify the main problems and obstacles affecting the sustainable development of Lake Mariout to obtain a strategy for conservation and development of the lake. The problems and obstacles related to the development in addition to managements of Lake Mariout from the point of view of fishermen’s population are divided into three types these are: 1- Problems related to developments and productivity of the lake.2-Problems facing the fishermen besides fishing operations.3- Comprehensive environmental development of the Lake. The main proposed solutions for these problems are expanding the construction of industrial hatcheries, as well as raising the efficiency of hatcheries to strengthen fish stocks in the lake. Activating cooperation between the different bodies supervising the lake. Support and develop applied scientific research in the field of fisheries in the lake. Do not dump sewage in the lake until it is purified. Activate the role of fish extension and make an extension programs for fishermen.