Study Radioactivity of Cs137 and concentration of Pd+ and Cu+ in the Iraqi milk in Iraqi markets


Radioactivity of Cs137 and concentration of pd+2 ion and Cu+2 ions were measured by 40 different samples of local milk found in Iraqi markets. All samples were measured by a gamma spectrometry system, using a high purity germanium (HPGe) detector and Flam atomic absorption spectrophotometer. The result shows the presence of radioactivity due to Cs137 isotope and concentration of pb+2 ion and Cu+2 ions in all samples of milk, The maximam radioactive Cs137 measured 2.87 Bq/kg, the minimam radioactive measured 0.93 Bq/kg and The concentration of Cu in this study ranges from 0.083-0.971ppm.The lowest concentration of pb was recorded for milk sample (0.282ppm) and the highest concentration for milk sample (1.773ppm).