Impact of seeds soaking use some microelements on seedling growth of cucumber (Cucumis sativus L.)


This study was carried out in Halabja, Technical College of Applied Sciences, during 2016-2017, to evaluate the impacts of soaking seed in some microelements (Zn, Fe and Mn), with distilled water on seedling growth of cucumber (cucumis sativus L.). Cucumbers seed (Habib f1 371325-21-1) was selected to test and observe the germination seeds and seedling growth characteristic. An Experiment was adapted in Randomize Complete Design (RCD) with three replications. Consequently, the concentration of microelements was used 0.5% seeds soaking for 12, 18 and 24 hours. Results showed the maximum seed germination, seedling emergence and maximum dry matter of vegetative part that was taken from Mn+Fe+Zn with Zn -12 hours (100%) and Fe-12hours (57.53%), (1.53gm) and other treatments respectively. The highest length of plant was obtained from Zn-18 hours (13.17cm), and maximum leave area was taken from Mn- 12 hours (17.70 cm2). And the highest stem diameter is (3.37 mm) from Zn-24 hours. Finally, the lowest germination rate, seedling emergence, plant length, leave area, stem diameter and dry matter were obtained from DW-24 (87.87%), Mn-12 hours and Mn+Zn+Fe -24 hours (24.27 %), control (6.00 cm), (12.73 cm2), Mn+Zn+Fe- 24 hours (2.87 mm) and DW-18 hours (1.26 gm). In addition, it is thought that the effects of different solutions could lead to improve seedling parameters that benefit in increase of cucumber production.