Influence of Different Types of Mulching on Corn Growth and Soil Temperature as


Soil temperature and water limitations are the most important factors that affect on corn growth during different stages of its development. Mulching is an effective strategy to moderate soil temperature and conserve soil moisture through reducing evaporation. A study was made during July through Sept. 2016 at the experimental field of the Agriculture College, Salahaddin University at Girdarasha site/Erbil. The main objective was to study the effectiveness of different colors of the plastic films and two organic mulches on the growth of two hybrids of corn grown in a silty clay loam soil. The results indicate that irrespective of mulch type, mulching resulted in a higher soil temperature compared with the unmulched soil. All of the applied mulches exhibited similar trends during different stages of corn growth. It was also observed that mulching resulted in an increase in the aboveground biomass yield by 16.38% to 31.1%. Among different plastic mulches, the white plastic mulch gave the highest biomass production. Conversely, the plant height and the biomass production were the lowest under the blue mulch treatment.