Proposed Manners for Waste Food Recycling in city of Baquba (Poultry Feed- Enhancing Soil Compost


The proposed manners for waste food recycling have been studied in the city of Baquba (poultry feed- enhancing soil Compost) through identifying the problem and methods to manage food waste. The problem of this research is to raise the question: Is it possible to recycle food waste? The research was conducted in response to the problem of research in terms of hypothesis that states: waste food can be recycled by using proposed methods for production of (poultry feed- soil enhancer Compost). The descriptive approach was adopted to describe the research problem and to demonstrate the nutritional value of wasted food. Furthermore, an experimental approach was adopted as well in the scientific application of the process of recycling. Moreover, statistical techniques were utilized in calculating the cost of the recycled product through the process of recycling. This research is concerned with carrying out of scientific experiments in recycling of food waste for the production of (poultry feed – enhancing soil Compost) by taking advantage of natural and human factors in the city of Baquba and making use of these factors in the process of recycling. Through this research, it has been clarified that the product of (poultry feed – enhancing soil Compost) rivals other products available in the market in terms of quantity, quality and even the price. Therefore, this research stressed the need to raise awareness among the members of the community about the importance of recycling process in terms of economic, environmental and health aspects. The research refers to the necessity of establishing mixed farms (mutual fields between public and private sectors) which depend on the supply of imports of recycling process. This research recommends the establishment of plants for the production of soil enhancer compost by highlighting the importance of organic fertilizer and its positive impact on improving the quality of soil and encouraging farmers to use these organic fertilizers instead of chemical ones that have negative effects on the soil and crops. Thereby the agricultural development can be achieved in the city of Baquba.