American strategic performance towards middle east in the era of president Trump - A future study


The strategic performance of the United States depends on dealing with the Middle East countries and its variants on several bases and motives that enabled them to achieve American hegemony and invest its interests at the expense of the region countries. Within this performance, the administration of the United State President Donald Trump presented the Strategic Document on December 18, 2017, which focused on the principle of "America First", to determine the direction of future US strategic performance in the formulation of means of cooperation and intersections or hostility in addition to interests and threats.The future vision of the Arab region and the Middle East as a whole, this strategy is based on the fact that it did not include any American commitment to promoting peace and stability in the world, especially the Middle East. According to that, American strategic performance will be directed towards multiple policies, including the policy of axes and crisis-making rather than resolving it and preventing stability for the preoccupation of major powers that seek to safeguard their interests and limit sovereignty or hegemony of the United State over the region.