Anatomical, Histological, Hormonal, And Ultrasonography Study Of Neonate Thyroid Gland


Materials And Methods: The neonate thyroid gland collected and inspected grossly and taken all measurements. Then histologically preparation of the slides and stained with routine Haematoxylin and Eosin (H&E) and special stains for descriptive study. Alive healthy neonates was taken for assessment of thyroid stimulation hormone, in addition the volume by ultrasound and using ellipsoid formula 0.479 as correction factor. Results:- Thyroid gland present in lower part of neck anteriorly. Consist from right and left lobes connected via isthmus from lower medial portion of gland. The gland appeared U shape, red brown in color. The mean ±SD Weight 1.35 ±0.34 gram. Dimensions measurement as following, length 12.48 ±1.76, 12.21 ±1.79 for right and left lobes respectively. Width 5.73 ±0.82, 5.88 ±0.73 for right and left lobe. Under light microscope contain large number of follicles larger follicle present on periphery and small in central. The means of TSH in different age groups were had a tendency to decreased as following 10.70 ±3.09 mU/L, 3.55 ±1.81mU/L, 3.30 ±1.61mU/L, and 2.85 ±1.27 mU/L, in male. While in females were 10.90 ±3.19 mU/L, 3.60 ±1.98 mU/L, 3.41 ±1.23 mU/L, and 3.48 ±1.45 mU/L in groups A, B, C, and D, respectively. The total volume of neonates thyroid gland groups in present study in male that were 412.7 ±62.2 mm3, 429.5 ±60.7 mm3, And the total volume in female were 401.2 ±83.9 mm3, 428.6 ±57.8 mm3 for first two groups respectively. The present study aimed to describe normal neonate thyroid gland as Anatomical, Histological, Hormonal, and Sonographical study it can throw light to help clinicians deal better with the gland during neonatal period in addition provide local standard data.