Effect of training exercises according to the visual kinetic synergy in the learning of chest handling and high basketball dribblikg for Down syndrome


Research Summary :Sports practice comes at the forefront of that attention as it plays a major role in the life of the mentally handicapped. Sport in terms of rehabilitation has become a necessity of the disabled life as it is an effective tool in guiding them the right direction through the development of their physical and intellectual abilities The physical characteristics of this category lies in the emergence of many of physical problems in height, weight and general relaxation of joints and motor skills, accurate and weak visual motor and synergies that negatively affect the daily skills you need to synergistically optical dynamic, such as writing or fill the shirt buttons or connect to the shoestring and other Oryx The importance of research is to qualify the Down syndrome (simple disability), integrate it into society, achieve efficiency, acceptable social participation, physical maturity, and visual and motor synergy. The researcher using the experimental method (one group). The sample included 18 students from disability Down Syndrome campaign a simple time-age (8-12 years), which represents (4-6) years of mental age, depending on the classification of diagnosis Alaouk.omn center for processing results The researcher used statistically (Spss). The results were presented and discussed, indicating that there are statistically significant differences in the post-tests. The researcher attributed this progress in the results of the post-tests. The result of the exercise exercises was the effect of the visual motor and its impact on the strength, speed and agility, use the most important exercises qualifying Almtnoah.oan conclusions and that the gradient is easy to difficult in the rehabilitation of disabled Mharria helps increase satisfaction and self-esteem and motivation and social adjustment of confidence, and the most important recommendations of the need for rehabilitation of physically disabled and Rkiya and Mharria through early intervention for this segment and involve them in the special teams for the disabled because they are susceptible to training and learning