Importance of Banking Merger To Promote Iraqi Banks Faltering and Slow Using The Logistic Regression Model


AbstractThe research examined with the importance banking merger to address the situation of Troubled banks in Iraq, Through The use of Logistic Regression Model. . The study attempted to present a conceptual aspect of banking merger and logistic regression, as well as the applied aspect which includes a sample consisting of six private Iraqi banks, and the hypothesis of the study is that the promotion of mergers among banks has positive impacts on improving the efficiency of performance of troubled banks, which contributes to the increase of banking services, raise of their financial indicators and the high liquidity and profits of the new banking entity as it is a way to overcome the prevailing banking crises.The main objectives of the study were to identify the financial indicators that can be used to identify troubled banks eligible for merger, as well as to identify troubled banks that can be merged according to their financial indicators using the bilateral logistic regression.The study concluded with a set of conclusions. Merger is one of the least expensive means of restructuring to address the problem of troubled and weak banks by merging those banks into other strong banks or with each other to form a stronger and more efficient banking entity.The study reached a set of recommendations, most notably:1-The issuance of a law for the merger of banking in Iraq due to the absence of the provisions of the law of banks in reference to this subject to determine their frameworks and means.2-The formation of higher committee by the central bank of Iraq to address the situation of troubled banks and supervision of the process of merger between these banks.