The Roman - Sasanian Struggle on Tadmur ( 226-237 A.D)


The Roman - Sasanian struggle started politically, economically and religiously. The political struggle represented by the will of the two empires for the political benefits for each empire. Such benefits were not looked for in ordinary places but rather in the most important strategic and economic districts , especially the kingdom of Tadmur. The economical struggle was presented by the desire of the two empires to have a direct control on the international commercial passages that connect The East to The West and Tadmur was in the center of this competition. On the other hand, the reason behind the political struggle started in (313A.D) when the emperor Conistantine (3036-337A.D) announced Christianity as the official religion in the Roman empire. This announcement strengthened the relation between Armenia, which announced its Christianity in (301A.D), and the Roman empire. This would not appeal to the Sasanian nation which wanted to add Armenia to its land politically and religiously. This announcement lead the Sasanian to consider their citizens, who became Christians, as alliance to their enemy and as conspirators who wanted to ruin the internal bases of their nation, therefore, they started to disturb and maltreat those Christians. The Roman empire used to protect them and that's why it took this annoyance as a reason to declare too many wars against the Sasanian.العدد الثالث والسبعون مجلة ديالى / 7102887This study introduces three civilizations from the ancient world that greatly affected the geographical structure of the ancient world. The first one is the Roman civilization: the Western civilization that had the most developed system and political leadership among the others. The second one is the Sasanian civilization which was established after destroying the Firthian. This civilization tried to control the other lands and started to compete with the Roman empire for its possessions. The last one is the kingdom of Tadmur for its strategic location and successful commerce that made it a city for the traders.It is important to say that those civilizations are totally different from each other.This study includes three sections. Section one deals with the geographical background of the two struggled empires; the Roman and the Sasanian, in addition to the historical background and the origin of each empire. Section two presents the Kingdom of Tadmur characterized by its geographical importance, economical incomes and military systems. Also there are some details about the important kings of Tadmur, like king Uthaina 2 and his wife AL-Zabaa, their important role in Tadmur. They attempted to gain independence of their kingdom from the Roman empire, to extend their lands and to defend Tadmur against the Sasanian empire. Besides, showing the relation of Tadmur with the Roman and the Sasanian empires at the time of the struggle between the two empires. Section three deals with the most important causes of the Roman and Sasanian desires to move towards the East and the West, especially towards Tadmur and the result they finally got and finally their struggle on the Arabian Kingdom of Tadmur


Roman, Sasanian, Tadmur