Some Biochemical parameters Of People With Atopic Eczema And There Comparison With Normal People


The present study aimed to identify the biochemical changes in sera of patients with Atopic Eczema, which included some blood analysis included serum urea, uric acid, creatinine, cholesterol, blood glucose, albumin, total protein, calcium, GPT, ALP, total serum bilirubin. Samples were collected from 19 August to 19 December in Salahelddin Hospital in tikrit city, the study included 94 sample, 65 from patients with Atopic Eczema, and 29 healthy people as a control group, the results were compared between the Atopic Eczema patients group and the healthy control group, and there was elevation in blood urea, uric acid, ceatinine, total protein, GPT, ALP, TSB,( 34.9+22.10), (5.49 + 4.38), (0.788+ 0.669), (7.34 +6.41), (13.38 +6.96), (13.63+ 8.52), (0.831+0.190), respectively. And there was no elevation in, total albumin, cholesterol, calcium, blood glucose, (4.595+4.321), (161.5+ 148.1), (8.96 + 9.13), (109.3+ 105.3), respectively when compared between patients group and control group.