Effect of SiO2 ratio on electrical Properties of SiO2:ZnO Thin Films Prepared by pulsed laser depositions (PLD) technique


In this paper zinc oxide was dopped by various concentrations (5,10,15,20,25) % of silicon dioxide. The mixture was deposited on glass substrate by laser pulse deposition at room temperature to obtain (Zn2SiO4) thin films. The D.C conductivity showed a decrease in activation energy by increasing doping from (Ea1=0.096 eV) to (Ea1=0.075 eV) before annealing and after annealing from (Ea1=0.048 eV) to(Ea1=0.027 eV). Hall effect showed that the concentration of carriers increases from (2.79 ×1018cm-3) to (14.29× 1018cm-3 ) before annealing and from (0.30×1016cm-3) to (26.25×1016cm-3) after annealing. The mobility decreases from(2.3cm2/v. sec) to (0.99cm2/v. sec) before annealing and from (7cm2/v. sec) to (2.5cm2/v . sec