Effect of magnetic treatment of irrigation water on growth and yield of sunflower genotypes Helianthus annuus L.


A field experiment was conducted during 2017 sunflower growing season at Abu-Garb, Basra, Iraq, to study the effect of magnetic water technique with four levels (0, 1000, 2000 and 3000 gauss) on growth, seed yield and quality of three genotypes Akmar, Lelo and Tarsan 1018. Results showed significant effects of magnetic water at 2000 gauss level on plant height (153.11cm), stem diameter (2.25cm), leaf area (8168.60 cm2 plant-1), head diameter (22.34cm), number of seeds per head (1438.09 seed head-1), 1000 seed weight (34.50gm), seeds yield (3.389tonha-1), Also the genotype Akmar was superior in plant height (195.61cm), stem diameter(2.79cm), number of seeds per head (1856.46 seed head-1). Tarsan 1018 was superior over others in 1000 seed weight (39.27gm), seeds yield (3.219ton ha-1). 2000 gauss× Tarsan 1018 dual treatment gave the highest seeds yield (3.589 ton ha-1).