Effect of Nitrogen Fertilization and Number of Cutting on Yield, Components of Barley (Hordeum vulgare L.)


Field experiment was conducted in a farmers' fields in Al Gharaf district in the north of Thi Qar province during the growing season of 2017-2018, to study the effect of nitrogen fertilization levels (0, 40, 80, 120 and 160 Kg h-1), and cutting (no cut, one cut, and two cut), on grain yield, and yield components, of barley (IBA99). 120 Kg N. ha-1 treatment gave the highest values of grain no. spikes-1, 1000 kernel weight, grain yield (45.98 grain spik-1, 41.65 g and 3.02-ton h-1, respectively). While, 160 kg N. ha-1 treatment gave the highest averages in spike length (5.39 cm) and number of spike m-2 (316.1 spike m-2). One cut recorded the highest averages number of spike.m-2, number of grains spike-1 and grain yield recorded (314.9 spike m-2, 44.98 grain spik-1, and 2.992-ton h-1, respectively). The Interaction between the Nitrogen level and cutting significant different in the characters in number of spike m-2, number of grain spikes-1 and grain yield.