Electrochemical Behavior of Valsartan, Glibenclamide and their Interaction with Each other Using Square Wave Voltammetry


In this work an electrochemical behavior quantification and interaction of valsartan and glibenclamide were studied using square wave voltammetric technique. The effect of temperature on the interaction was investigated and the thermodynamic parameters (∆H, ∆S & ∆G) were calculated for the interaction and binding constant (K) also obtained. The calibration curves of each drug were linear within the range of concentration [(4.99×10-7) – (6.95×10-6)], [(5.96×10-8) – (1.15×10-6)] molar with R2 value equal to 0.9819, 0.9926 for valsartan and glibenclamide respectively.