Interactions Study of Co-enzyme-Q0 with Aniline and Pyrrole Using Square Wave Voltammetric Technique


The interactions of Co-enzyme Q0 with Aniline and Pyrrole were studied in aqueous phosphate buffer solution at (pH=7.0) as supporting electrolyte using square wave voltammetry, Co-enzyme Q0 gives a well-defined square wave voltammetric peak at (-0.0415) volt against the reference electrode (Ag/AgCl/3M KCl). The binding constants (K) were calculated at different temperatures. Vant's hoff equation is applied to calculate the thermodynamic parametrs (ΔH enthalpy changes, ΔS entropy changes and ΔG free energy changes), and then the type of interaction was estimated. The results indicated that the interaction between Co-enzyme –Q0 and Aniline (ΔH and ΔS negative values) was probably due to Vander Waals forces or hydrogen bonding interaction, and the second interaction between Co-enzyme-Q0 with Pyrrole (ΔH and ΔS positive values) might be due to the hydrophobic interaction