(Green Human Resources Management and its Role in Achieving Competitive Excellence) Field Study at Prince and Ghadir National Hospital in Najaf Governorate


The prouper of this Research is to identify the impact of green human resources management through exclusion(Green Employment, Green Training and Development, Green Performance Management and Conservation) As a major variable, in competitive superiority as a dependent variable. The field of study was in the Al Ameer and Al Ghadir Private Hospital in Najaf. The research community included the employees of the mentioned institutions. A sample of (108) employees was selected out of (150), and (99) valid questionnaires were retrieved (72%). The research included a major hypothesis to test the relationship of correlation and effect between search variables. The study was based on a number of statistical methods for analyzing data using the statistical package for social sciences (SPSS). The most important conclusion is that the employees of the Research sample understand and respond to the changing circumstances, so that they take into consideration the environmental variables when making decisions concerning the future of the organization