Investigate Comparative Performance for Wireless IEEE 802.11ag


Abstract:Wi-Fi is a worldwide used wireless technology which is a rapidly growingcommunication industry. The wireless network is excessively used all over theworld. Wireless networks are subject to the Wi-Fi standard based on the IEEE802.11 specification. IEEE 802.11a provides transmission of data rates from 11Mb/s to 54 Mb/s at the 5GHz, IEEE 802.11b provides transmission data rates up to11 Mb/s at 2.4GHz and IEEE 802.11g provides transmission data rate of 54Mb/swithin a bandwidth of 2.5GHz. This paper presents some comparison betweenIEEE 802.11ag in term of throughput, delay, wireless LAN delay, traffic sendand traffic received using OPNET 14.5 simulator in order to know whichtechnology is better. This paper describes study of the performance of voice, HTTPand E-mail applications over wireless networks. This study will help theresearchers to choose the best technology depending on their deploying case andwe will see that the best technologies are IEEE 802.11g.