The Role of Interferon (IFN- γ) in thyroid autoimmunity.


Abstract This study was conducted at the Diabetes and Endocrines Medical Center / Thi-Qar province south of Iraq, during the period between November 2017 to February 2018 . Hundred and fifty and Iraqi Arab with Autoimmune thyroid disease (114female, 36male) their ages range (>24- 65)years. All patients were selected from Diabetes and Endocrines medical center and primary step for diagnosis of Autoimmune thyroid disease (Thyroid stimulating hormone, Free thyroxin ,Free triiodiothyronine, anti-Thyroid peroxides ,anti-Thyroglobulin ,anti-Thyroid stimulating hormone receptor) and the second step involved measurement level interferon gamma . The aims of study to demonstrate the role of Interferon gamma in development Autoimmune thyroid disease . The results reveal that the level of Interferon gamma elevated and it had positive correlation with Thyroid stimulating hormone, Free thyroxin ,anti-Thyroid peroxides and anti-Thyroid stimulating hormone receptor (Autoantibody).We conclude from the study that interferon has been a major contributor in the development of autoimmune diseases