Education reform in Iraq and the application of Delphi technology in future studies


The roots of future research relate to thought and human nature. The idea of ​​the utopian city of Plato is a kind of futuristic thought,The study of the future is an academic study concerned with the future and consists of two types of ideas are intuition and experimental based on the stock of knowledge related to experiments and imagination Predictive and virtual, and in the middle of these knowledge stands as the most important arbitrators in those studies it compares and analyzes and concludes and assumed.I feel that I have started now, that is, in terms of the end of the research, the beginning will be with the application. The science that we hope to enter into force in our countries and undertake the reform of all institutions and scientific systems (the future ones) should work on reforming the beginning and activating it. There has been aid to apply the science of future studies in Iraq in particular should be mediated by the philosophical, political and management systems, these sections represent the spirit of the future perspective, which tries to change the reality, whether it is bad or that needs to be modified and developed.This experience, which I hope will be a continuous, realistic, ongoing culture through which new ideas can be adapted to the complexities and problems of our complex societies, offers important development to all parts of our countries and from all angles.In a reading of the method of Delphi after the most important mechanisms of future studies, it can be adopted as the most important applications that can be applied in the Iraqi arena to modify many of the mistakes we make, including education based on a group of successful experts.This research attempts to introduce a single vocabulary of future studies, which is the Delphi technique to the field of reform of Iraqi education.The technique is based on a general strategy that begins with identifying the problem and formulating the objectives. Thirdly, the mechanisms and methods are defined. In implementation, we highlight the Dfay mechanism, which refers to the definition of a consultative approach, in the sense that the objectives to be answered or similar are determined by those who draw the questions of a consultant questionnaire, Confidentiality is confidential, then re-sent after reading expert answers, but by developing questions for further ideas and answers.The whole process is dealt with by the developed world and achieves various successes in most of the country's joints.