Evaluation of Some Properties of Prepared Indomethacin Mouth Wash and Its Effect on Gingival Index Score


Aims: to prepare Indomethacin mouth wash and study some of its properties (IR, pH, Density, Viscosity, Surface tension). Also, the effect on gingival index score were evaluated. Indomethacin mouth wash was prepared in a concentration of (0.05%) distil water from pure Indomethacin powder. Methods: The study was carried out on 40 subjects aged (20-30) years old. They were divided into four groups ten for each, three groups complaining of gingivitis. The gingival index score for all were measured before and after treatment, treatment involved mechanical treatment by scaling and polishing at dental clinic and drug treatment in which the first group received Indomethacin mouth wash, second group received Chlorhexidine mouth wash and third group received distal water as a mouth wash three times daily for three days, while the fourth group consisted of 10 volunteer subjects without gingivitis. Data were analyzed using paired t-test, ANOVA test and Duncan's Multiple analysis range test. Results: The results showed that the gingival index score levels were decreased significantly in all treatment groups between pre and post treatment at the same group. Conclusions: Indomethacin mouth wash have anti inflammatory effect that can decrease gingival index level.