The Effects of Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) On Tensile Strength and Indentation Hardness of Acrylic Resin Denture Base Materials


Aims: This study aims to evaluate the effect of (MRI) on physical, and mechanical properties of acrylic resin denture base materials. Materials and Methods: one hundred and ten samples were the total no. of samples, samples were divided into two groups each group contain two fifty five, the 1st sample group pink and 2nd groups clear heat cured acrylic resin, then the two groups is divided into four sub-groups, follow that the samples were exposed to magnetic resonance image at three different peri-ods of time (5, 15, 30) minutes within control group respectively and samples tested for indentation hardness, tensile strength. Results: the results obtained to show that there was a change in the physical properties “heat cured” acrylic resin weather it is “Pink” or “Clear” after exposure to (MRI) and this change happened at different levels and variable degree, also it has shown that there was a slight tendency to change order of a arrangement of atoms within each molecules with no well and clear evidence of altering of the main material itself, at least at circumstances of experiment. Conclusion: Exposure to (MRI) at different periods of time lead to altering of physical properties and at different levels of significant.