Histopathological Study of 5−Fluorouracil with and without Folic Acid administration on The Gastric Mucosa of Male Rabbits


Aims : To study the effects of 5−Fluorouracil (5−FU) on the gastric mucosa of rabbits and to evaluate the effect of folic acid (FA) on these effectiveness. Materials and methods : In the present study 9 adult male rabbits aged 3 months were used , and divided into 3 main groups. GroupI :served as a control group and received normal saline only. Group II: given a twice dose of 10mg /kg per week 5−FU intraperitonealy for 8 weeks . Group III: given a twice dose of 10mg / kg per week 5−FU intraperitonealy with 5mg of folic acid orally by cavage needle for 8 weeks . The animals were sacrificed and the body and pyloric tissues of stomach were excised and processed for histological study. Results :5−FU causes loss of tissues architecture in both body and pyloric regions of gastric mucosa with vacuolation in the cytoplasm of the cells lining epithelium and the cells lining the gastric pits, loss of gastric and pyloric glands architecture, vacuolation in the cytoplasm of the parietal and chief cells and the cells lining pyloric glands. Breached of muscularis mucosa, congestion of blood vessels in the lamina propria, vacuolation and dilated spaces in muscular layers. All these changes were significantly compare to control group except that for group III (5−FUplus FA)which showed few histopathological differences in whole thickness of gastric mucosa compare to control group. Conclusions :Weekly intraperitoneal administrations of 5−FU produce injury in the tissues of gastric mucosa. While combination 5−FU and folic acid (FA )regimen protect from enterotoxic action of 5−FU alone.